CTET English Learning Special

English Learning special :-


  1. Student will learn better if 👉 they are willing to learn .

(2. In language teaching use of mother tongue should 👉 be allowed but in restricted way .

(3. Now a days grammar teaching should not be 👉 deductive .

(4. For a student with hearing difficulty teacher should 👉 A. Pronounce clearly and loudly,
B. Make lip movement prominent,
C. Use visual aid

(5. Teaching or learning is a jurny from 👉 A. Concrete to abstract
B. Known to unknown
C. Simple to complex

(6. As a teacher you must ensure that the students 👉 A. Do not feel anxious,
B. Should progress along the natural orders,
C. Are not put on the defensive

(7. Each learner is different in terms of 👉 A. Learning ability
B. Classroom learning
C. Academic standerd

(8. The method use by average teachers to teach english in india 👉 deductive /direct methods .

(9. Difference in the learner include such factors as 👉 age ability, intelligence, motivation and personality .

(10. FCA means 👉 Functional Communicative Approach .

(11. Translation is the best way to 👉 improve writing, reading and learning .

(12. The latin word ‘Lingua” means 👉 ‘Tongue’.

(13. The direct methods accept english 👉 skill subject .

(14. Function grammar is 👉 grammar according to use, not according to rules .

(15. In the present system to language teaching the most accessible useful tools is 👉 practice – exercise of grammar and exercise of translation .

(16. What kind of study rapid reader ? Ans :- Extensive study .

(17. The basic structure of english language 👉 S.V.O

সংগ্রহ করুন WB TET, CTET এর উপর স্পেশাল ইবুক “শিশু শিক্ষার অনুষঙ্গ”

“শিশু শিক্ষার অনুষঙ্গ” ইবুক

ডাউনলোড করুন শিশু শিক্ষার অনুষঙ্গ ইবুক টি

(18. The basic tools of english are 👉 Sound, Vocabulary and Structure (S.V.O)

(19. Language learning starts from 👉 speaking .

(20. When language is learnt naturally and without any systemic practice, it is called 👉 Acquisition .

(21. One of correct context of language learning is 👉 First teach then test .

(22. Learning language is necessary to have 👉 A. Writing skill
B. Reading skill and
C. Speaking skill of a language .

(23. Loud reading is useful for 👉 Pronunciation practice

(24. Spelling of words are affected of the learner lacks 👉 speaking and listening skill .

(25. Learning takes place when 👉 a students gets the correct response from the teacher .

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